Learning Zone

Key Competencies

(Capabilities for living and lifelong learning)

Key CompetenciesAt Te Pohue School we will promote, encourage and develop the following competencies so that the children can use these capabilities throughout their lives.
Relating to OthersSpeak ‘nicely’ to people

Be a good listener

Show respect to others and their property

Manage and resolve conflict

Accept people’s differences

Share ideas freely

Include others in games and activities

Be sensitive to the feelings of others


Managing SelfSet goals and monitor their progress

Take responsibility for their  actions

Use their time constructively

Be self-motivated and have a “can do” attitude

Make good choices

Be reflective

ThinkingAre curious, ask questions & seek solutions

Use our imaginations/creativity/prior knowledge to come up with solutions to problems

Participating and ContributingJoin in school activities

Help out others

Understands the rights and responsibilities of being a group member

Creates opportunities to include others

Using Language, symbols and textSeek and gather information from a variety of sources

Sort, select and record relevant information

Present coherent and structured information

Confidently communicate with others using a variety of sources