Vision and Values

Our Vision

The best we can be through confidence, connection and country values

Te Pohue School Values

At Te Pohue school, the following RESPECT values will be encouraged, modelled, and explored…


Respect other people & their property.

Accept people’s differences.
Respect other cultures.
Respect for the environment.


‘Aim high’ and attempt to produce outcomes of a high standard – this includes academic work, arts, sport, relationships and other areas of your life.

Social skills

Developing positive relationships with others,

conflict resolution,  communication skills, taking responsibility for own actions.


Ask questions, think critically, seek solutions.

Willingness to try out new things.
Participate in curriculum activities.


Have a ‘Can Do’ attitude.

Try hard.

Co-operation & contribution

Co-operate with others.

Make positive contributions to the school community & the greater community.
Achieve goals.


Become an effective user of everyday technology for example; computers, i-pads, digital cameras etc.

Become socially competent and a respectful user of all technology.